Tentang Karbit
Kalsium Karbida

Calcium carbide or carbide produced in an electric furnace based on a chemical reaction:

CaO + 3C → CaC2 + CO - 108000 calories

which is a back and forth reaction and requires heat (endhothermis). The raw materials used are CaO (Chalk) and carbonation materials (hard coke, anthracite coal, petroleum coke, charcoal). With chemical properties and a certain ratio will be produced high quality calcium carbide (CaC2).

Baked lime is produced from limestone with a certain size (30-60mm) in the kitchen vertical burning capacity of 80 tons / day, through direct combustion using natural gas fuel The processed freshly baked lime is sent through a conveyor belt to two tanks of burning limestone storage, after passing through filtering to separate small limestone (less than 6mm). Some carbonaceous materials used hard coke with the size 5-25mm. Coke is also delivered through the conveyor belt into 2 coke container tanks with a capacity of 45m3. After weighing, the baked lime and the coke mixed so one is sent from the daily bin (day bin) to an electric furnace (blast furnace). Then the material of this mixture is inserted into the electric furnace as per requirement through charging funnel. The mixture of baked lime and coke is melted in an electric furnace at high temperatures, ie 2,000 - 2,100oC into a form of calcium carbide liquid.

This electric furnace is equipped with 3 pieces of fixing holes. The melted carbide was tapped from hole determination every 1 hour once in sequence. Hot carbides are accommodated in a 1,300-kg litter. After cooling for 16 hours, then the chunks of this carbide are broken up and packed in steel drums of 0-2, 2-4, 4-30 and 30-80 mm

Proses pembuatan drum untuk karbit

MDQ Carbide from PT Emdeki Utama Tbk is packed in steel drum with a capacity of 100 kg (net), designed to be sealed efficiently and able to be stored for long periods of time. To ensure timely delivery of carbide to buyers, our factory is equipped with machinery a high-speed drum maker capable of producing 800 drums / day. The design and size of the drum is adjusted using Japanese measuring standards. For export purposes, MDQ drums have international standard (United Nation's standards for dangerous cargo packing) for the packaging of dangerous goods.

Power Supply

To support the production of carbide, electricity is required with very high strength. In this context, PT Emdeki Utama Tbk consumes more than 100 million kwH of electricity per year supplied directly by PLN with 17.5 MVA (15.5 MW) power.

Proses pembuatan drum untuk karbit

In addition, PT Emdeki Tbk also has a Combined Cycle Power Plan (CCPP) with a capacity of 16.5 MW using technology sophisticated use of natural gas through pipes directly from the source. The CCPP is designed and built by Siemens. With the existence of sufficient electricity, production activities can take place continuously without stopping so as to ensure the availability of carbide for consumers.