Pengembangan SDM

Our people, Our future.

We are different and definite employers, which our company is the only producer of calcium carbide in Indonesia with professional workforce. Being that big we certainly need the smartest and best people who will share their knowledge, energy and skills for the improvement and progress of our company.

One of the most important advantages we work with is the development and training, which is part of the professionalism culture within the company's workforce. There are also real opportunities for progress.

Pengembangan Karir

Pengembangan Karir

The recruitment center is an attempt to discover your abilities and potentials with a set of electoral processes. We try to pay attention to you personally and get a complete picture of your interests, abilities and potential to determine the suitability of the vacant position.

Join us! In line with our company goal of "doing well with the nation", you not only start to play a role for the company's success but also to the future of this nation.

Once on board, the trail or path you take and how much you want to go depends entirely on yourself. It is not just a job ... but a work adventure !!!