Info Investor

The Company listed its shares on the Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchanges (now known as Indonesia Stock Exchange or IDX). The decision / goal becomes public company is to get working capital and investment capital as well as to provide opportunity to the community to take part in the development of the Company.

As a public company, PT Emdeki Tbk is aware of its responsibilities to shareholders. In addition to publishing the Company's required information, PT Emdeki Utama Tbk ensures that its members investors and potential investors are aware of the important developments taking place within the Company. To that end, PT Emdeki Utama Tbk held many activities including conferences, shares and public expositions, and visits to companies.

Securities Administration Bureau

Jl. Kirana Avenue III Blok F3 No. 5 Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Timur, 14250